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Peter Bratsis on The Greek crisis, capitalism and the state

5th April 2012

Dr. Peter Bratsis is a lecturer at the University of Salford. He completed his undergraduate studies in economics and political science at the University of Maryland and his doctoral studies in political science at the City University of New York. Most of his research was related to the question of the state and political power. Drawing upon Marxist political theory, especially the work of Antonio Gramsci, Nicos Poulantzas, Henri Lefebvre, and Louis Althusser, his research attempts to explain how the state is produced and functions. A key emphasis in his research is the necessity of going beyond economisitc and other deterministic understandings of contemporary politics. Similarly, there is also a strong focus on showing the social-historical specificity of political ideas and forms. He is currently working on a book length study of political corruption that examines how different notions of corruption have emerged and how each functions politically. He is also an editor of the journal Situations and organises an ongoing seminar series in radical political and social thought.


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