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Discussion Workshop
Webster University Vienna

Discussion Workshop
Diplomatic Academy Vienna

Summaries of the Discussion Workshops in Luxembourg are coming soon!

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European Ideas -
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Webster University Vienna
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European Ideas -
Our Common Future

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We give students from all over Europe and beyond
the opportunity to exchange their views
on current EU issues
with politicians, experts and academics.


European Ideas Discussion Workshops establish a platform for dialogue between students, young professionals, politicians and experts. Discussion Workshops give students and young professionals the opportunity to communicate their own ideas about the future of the European Union.

Just like the European Ideas platform, European Ideas Discussion Workshops encourage an open debate about current issues directly affecting the future of the European continent. Our principal aim is to foster the involvement of Europeans in the EU decision-making process as well as dialogue between European Union institutions, representatives and Europeans.

Discussion Workshops involve a continuous follow-up process, with the results of the workshops being published here and further discussion rounds building upon the obtained results. Workshops always feature one general theme to be discussed on the European level in order to compare our views and perspectives.

Why participate?

By participating in the European Ideas - Our Common Future initiative, you have the opportunity to become part of the European Ideas Network consisting of young people from all over Europe wanting to actively shape the future of the European continent. Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to share their ideas with politicians and experts in the field. Through cooperation with European Union institutions, expecially active  Members get the chance to travel to workshops in different European cities. Finally, participants get a participation certificate indicating the theme of the workshop and the experts involved.


Creativity - Solidarity - Empathy

European Ideas discussion workshops focus on the joint output at the end of each session. A balanced discussion that is enriching for everyone involved is our aim.

First General Theme

Democracy in the European Union

  Why is democratic decision-making important in a political system? What is the aim of a democracy? To what extent does the European Union have to be democratic in order to achieve its goals? Many would argue that economic integration would eventually push forward political integration. Do you agree? Finally, to what extent do European countries have to be politically unified in order to defend the interests of their citizens?  


Philippe Ternes is the Initiator and Administrator of the European Ideas - Our Common Future initiative.

Contact: philippe.ternes

Workshop Leaders

Philippe Ternes is currently organizing Discussion Workshops in Luxembourg and surrounding cities in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission.

Nareg Seferian and Vera Kadas are European Ideas Discussion Workshop Leaders at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria.

Yuri Fenopetov, Andriana Ballerin, Christoph Fleischmann and Philipp Freund are European Ideas Discussion Workshop Leaders at Webster University, Vienna, Austria.

Michael Dellmour is European Ideas Discussion Workshop Leader at the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna, Austria.

Recent Workshops

In cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg:

Tuesday 14 May, "Maison de l´Europe", with M. Camille Gira, Member of Parliament, on´How can we restructure our energy supply in times of climate change and "peak oil"?`

Tuesday 11 June, "Maison de l´Europe", with M. Claude Frisoni, Director of the Cultural Centre Abbaye Neumünster,
on "La culture comme facteur de développement durable"

Monday 8 July 2013, European Court of Justice, with M. Jean-Jacques Kasel, Judge at the European Court of Justice

Submit your sub-questions!

Which questions do you find particularly interesting on the general theme 'Democracy in the European Union'? Send us your reflections and get the unique opportunity to participate in our European Ideas Discussion Workshops.





Discussion Workshops in Luxembourg



Discussion Workshop
at the Diplomatic Academy Vienna

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Discussion Workshop
at Webster University



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