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Mark Gilbert on European Integration's Great Leap Forward?

6th February 2012 presents:Mark Gilbert's (Johns Hopkins University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies) speech entitled `European Integration's Great Leap Forward?: 1974-1989´.

The event was part of the "International History & Politics Seminar" Series organised by Anne Deighton, Jane Caplan and Patricia Clavin at the University of Oxford. It was filmed by Olivier Gergely.

Mark Gilbert's Publications:

The European Union: A Historical Introduction (forthcoming December 2011); Storia dell’integrazione Europea (2005 and 2008);A Historical Dictionary of Modern Italy with K.R. Nilsson (2007).Surpassing Realism: The Politics of European Integration since 1945(2003); The Italian Revolution: The End of Politics, Italian Style?(1995); frequent contributor of articles to journals, among these, theJournal of Contemporary History, National Interest, World Policy Journal, Government & Opposition, Journal of Common Market Studies, Contemporary European History and other publications.


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