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Simon Hix on The Effect of Transparency on Legislative Behaviour in the European Parliament

27th January 2012 presents: Simon Hix (London School of Economics) discussing a report investigating the effects of greater legislative transparency via an experiment in the European Parliament. Using a unique dataset created by the project, he examined how exposure to information about the activities of MEPs affects those MEPs' behaviour. 

After Hix's speech, Heilke Klüver (University of Oxford) comments on the report.

The event was jointly organised by the Current Research in European Union Politics Seminar Series (Fabian Neuner and Jack Blumenau) and The Anglo-German State of the State Fellowship Programme Lecture Series.

The Current Research in European Union Politics Seminar Series aims to bring together those interested in EU affairs and speakers whose current research is focused on the EU. Speakers are invited to present on their current and ongoing work, and bring together their substantive research agenda and their methodological approach. This dual focus ensures that that the series is of direct relevance to MPhil students, as well as the wider academic community.

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