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Stefan Lehne on EULEX Kosovo

31st December 2011 presents: Stefan Lehne's (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Brussels) speech about EULEX Kosovo. It was filmed by Lisa Schwarz and Olivier Gergely on the 9th of December 2011 at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

Stefan Lehne is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe in Brussels.From 2009-2011, Lehne served as director general for political affairs at the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs.  Prior to that position, from 2002-2008, he served the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union as director for the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Previously, he was head of the Task Force for Western Balkans and Central Europe. He has held a number of other appointments in the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and was a researcher at the Austrian Institute for International Politics.

Lehne’s work on issues of European foreign and security policy has been widely published in a number of academic journals, including Integration, the Austrian Journal of Political Science, and Europa Archiv. In addition, he authored a number of monographs on the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe.


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